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Nathaniel Chapman Pens An Open Letter To The Church On His Album, “Dear Sons And Daughters”

Dave Beatty
BentBeat Productions

Oct 4, 2021

Seattle-based Nathaniel Chapman announces his first album, “Dear Sons And Daughters,” with BentBeat Productions in Portland.

Portland, OR, ZZZDATEZZZ – ( – Everyone has found ways to cope during the pandemic in different ways. Some were making banana bread, while others were dancing in front of their smartphone. Nathaniel Chapman spent his time writing an open letter to the church.

Chapman lives in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, Washington, and has been performing in Northwest houses of worship for a number of years as a singer-songwriter. On “Dear Sons And Daughters,” he shares a challenge for Christ-followers to do better.

“Church should not be a country club,” said Chapman. “We have a responsibility to be a light to the world, serve our fellow humans, and model how Jesus related to the people he encountered during his ministry here on earth.”

This is Chapman’s first album with BentBeat, and second solo album following 2015’s “From Higher Ground To The Other Side.” The body of work features songs such as the single ‘Run Run Run,’ the unapologetic ‘To The Churches,’ and the compelling ‘Sons Of Thunder And The Daughters Who Dance.’

“We enjoyed his roots-based, Americana-style and found his songs to be thought-provoking with some great story telling,” commented producer Dave Beatty at BentBeat. “His one-man-band style of performing is compelling and poignant, and we were delighted that he entrusted our team to help him bring these songs to life.”

In addition to Chapman’s vocals and guitar, BentBeat’s lineup of artists included Dustin Rose on guitars and vocals, keyboardist Duane Wagner, Krista Westfall’s vocals, father-son duo Paul & Jeff Harris on drums & bass respectively, and introduces Austin Kvalvik as co-producer.

Chapman and his wife, Rachel, welcomed their first child, Evelyn, into their lives earlier this year during the production of the album. Mrs. Chapman was originally asked to perform supporting vocal work on the tracks.

“I was really hoping to have Rachel sing with me on the album, but the logistics of getting her and baby to the studio were just too much,” commented Chapman. “Luckily, with the help of technology, she was able to find a day to record her voice here, close to home.”

BentBeat artist He & I, who is also in Seattle area, opened up their project studio to the Chapmans. “We were very grateful to Damien Blond and his fiancé, Angie West, for opening up their home studio to Nathaniel and Rachel,” said Beatty. “We were delighted to hear them get to sing together on ‘In Your Brokenness.’” Blond also provided the piano performance for the song.

“Dear Sons And Daughters” album is available for sale on Amazon (CD), and is streaming now on Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and wherever you find great music.

About BentBeat Productions: BentBeat is based in Portland, Oregon. Primarily focusing on partnering with musicians to produce, record, and release high quality broadcast-level music through streaming services, social media and traditional distribution. The entire catalog is available on Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and all major music sites. Please join in supporting musicians.

Run Run Run

BentBeat Productions
Dave Beatty

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