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Ken Sabalza


Worship Director

Rainier Valley Church

Seattle, WA

I have known Nathaniel for many years and have always been impressed by his musical gifts and talents as a vocalist, instrumentalist, and songwriter. His latest album "Dear Sons & Daughters" shows his love and passion for sharing music with the church body and I appreciate the clear, theologically-rich lyrics with the creative melodies for each track. 


Nathaniel has also served as a guest Worship Leader at RVC. He has a heart to lead people through congregational singing and chooses music that serves the church rather than as a means for performance.


I'm grateful for Nathaniel not only for his music, but also for his friendship and as a fellow Brother in Christ. He has been a blessing in my life and I'm excited to see how the Lord will continue to use him in mighty ways to preach and proclaim the Gospel through song and praise.

Kyle Van Tine

Lead Pastor

Rainier Valley Church

Seattle, WA

My family and I have really enjoyed Nathaniel’s latest album Dear Sons and Daughters. Hearing my kids singing, "the world may never understand but let's be fools for the cross and for the lamb" is beautiful and of course, "Run, run, run" is a family favorite. Nathaniel's musicianship is excellent and his lyrics are biblical, passionate, and clear. Nathaniel Chapman has lead worship at our church and we were so blessed by his musical skill, worship experience, and heart for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Chris Manginelli

Lead Pastor

Mill Creek Foursquare

Lynnwood, WA

Nathaniel’s Dear Sons and Daughters is a work of love for the people of God born of a young man’s story of struggle and discovery. From the opening track To the Churches, there’s a prophetic exhortation found in the lyrics set to creative (often catchy) melodies. The way we live in the moment we find ourselves in matters greatly - and Nathaniel’s album invites us to consider our ways in light of the Kingdom of God and respond in worship, loyalty, humility and obedience. While the album is fun, it’s anything but whimsical. It seeks to call us into the way of Jesus. I hope you’ll listen carefully - and consider allowing Nathaniel an opportunity to share from his life and story.

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